New Investor Financing Program

October 24, 2014 by Cristy Trepachko

There is a new lender program available to investors that allows you to reuse your initial funds so you can build a real estate portfolio. This is exciting for all investors, but especially those with limited cash or new to investing. I cannot stress enough how important it is when buying a foreclosed or distressed property to use the right lenders with the right programs. The features of this new program are:

  • Low money down
  • Low fees
  • Low interest rates
  • Ability to borrow the purchase price and rehab costs
  • Access to the original money down to use on the next purchase


Call Cristy Trepachko 630-248-3702 for more details!


Cristy Trepachko

Cristy Trepachko: Managing Broker

Real Estate Investment Broker at Chase Real Estate. Contact 630-248-3702 or
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You Missed These Deals!

August 21, 2014 by Christian Chase

Check out a sample of deals that were sent to you over the past few months, our investors purchased and sold these homes. Looking to profit in the second half of 2014? We have access to 1000’s of deals just like these!

Click Binder Below For a Sample of Recent Deals.


Christian Chase

Christian Chase: Broker / Owner

Want to live the good life? We've got a system to take you there. Christian is a real estate investment broker/analyst at Chase Real Estate. Assisting investors locate foreclosed property for over 20 Years. 7000+ Closed Transactions.
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