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Investor Commission Savings

Ready to sell? Investors don't pay full freight when selling with Chase. We save you $1,000's.


Investor Commission Savings

How much can CHASE save you?

The total dollar amount that you will save by listing your home for sale at 3.5% with CHASE versus listing it with a traditional broker at 6%

Sales Price

Traditional (6%) commission

$ 30,000

CHASE (3.5%) commission

$ 17,500
$ 12,500
Total Dollars You Save


Save money. Sell faster.

CHASE charges 45% less than a traditional real agent, saving investors thousands of dollars on average. Chase Real Estate is a state-licensed, full service real estate brokerage that combines service and technology to sell homes faster and save investors to add to the bottom line.




Stop overpaying your real estate agent

Save thousands in commissions

Considering using a traditional broker like Keller Williams, Coldwell Banker, Sotheby's, or ReMax? Consider using CHASE, a full-service real estate brokerage, with fees that are 60% lower than traditional old school brokerages.

CHASE combines full service with the latest technology to list and market homes outside the MLS, targeting buyers directly by using Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. So you sell faster, with the service of a fully licensed agent, and the benefit of the lowest fees in the industry.


Success Stories

Read our Zillow reviews
"We took a leap of faith and jumped into the rehab business with Christian and his team as our mentors. For five years we have successfully flipped multiple homes profitably. Each home had a bit of anxiety and somewhere along the line a "hiccup" (which is just the nature of doin
"I have done numerous real estate transactions with Chase Real Estate Always have had a good experience working with them I have bought and sold many investment properties plus I have purchased homes that I have kept for rental properties"
"I have been buying Investment Real Estate with Christian Chase from 2001-Present. I did not know much at the beginning and am very appreciative of what Mr. Chase has taught me over the years. He has the knowledge and access to resources to make any real estate deal a success.
"My family and I have been buying, renting and selling property with Christian for over 10 years. Christian and his team have always been excellent with finding properties, rehab analysis, rentals, and selling. We have also used Chase real estate for buying homes for family. When

What you get with Chase

Full Service Everything Icon 1

Full Service Everything

With CHASE you get a dedicated licensed CHASE agent who will help price your home, provide a complimentary professional photoshoot, host showings and open houses, and everything else you need up through the sale of your house.

Your Home Everywhere Icon 1

Your Home Everywhere

Our marketing team will use big data, artificial intelligence and advanced digital marketing to identify qualified buyers across a broad rand of targeted channels like Zillow, Trulia, Google, Facebook, Instagram, Bing, as well as in print.

Save Thousands in Commissions Icon 1

Save Thousands in Commissions

If you sell your home using a traditional agent, commissions typically range from 5-6% of the homes sale price. CHASE fees start at just 3.5% total. For this low cost seller must use lawyer and title company that Chase reccommends. You can always have a personal attorney represent you as well.

How Does Chase Compare?

 CHASETraditional Agents
Total Fees3.5%5-6%
Dedicated Listing AgentCheckmark iconCheckmark icon
$$ Spent on Advertising$1,000's$100's
Contract Length6 MO6MO
Professional PhotoshopCheckmark iconSometimes
Hosted ShowingsCheckmark iconCheckmark icon
Hosted Open HousesCheckmark iconCheckmark icon
Customized Yard SignCheckmark iconCheckmark icon
AI Driven Digital MarketingCheckmark icon
Home Stats DashboardCheckmark icon
Personalized WebsiteCheckmark icon
Lowest Fee in the IndustryCheckmark icon
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