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Our Step-by-Step Process

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1. Start by completing the simple Contact form above

Our process starts with a simple and short easy to fill out form. Simply provide your contact information (name, email, phone number), A Chase Foreclosure broker will then call or email you for an initial no-obligation conversation.

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2. Schedule a Zoom or in-person meeting

We're in the relationship business and want to start ours off well with you. When we meet, we'll talk about the type of properties, neighborhoods, and markets you're interested in. By understanding your goals, plans, and exit strategy, we can filter our list to meet your needs and requirements.

We'll also discuss what happens when you identify a property you want to purchase. We are focused on making the closing a smooth transaction for you, which is why we'll talk you through every step of the process.

That's why we want you to feel comfortable with the process, understand the risks and be aware of the many resources you'll have access to.

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3. Begin receiving the property alerts

With the information you provide, our team will hand-select a stream of investment properties that closely meet your investment needs and goals. Properties can range from ones that only require minor repairs and renovations to ones requiring more extensive work. For investors willing to put in the work, each property can provide the potential for realizing considerable untapped value once the needed renovations have completed.

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4. Inspect property & analyze the deal

So you’ve found a property that sounds interesting. Let us know and we'll help you gain access to the property for a first-hand inspection. You'll now be in a better position to evaluate the required work for the needed repairs and property renovations. Ultimately, you'll need to run the numbers and decide if this opportunity makes sense for your experience, resources, and investment strategy.

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5. Close the deal

With our years of experience and expertise in the Chicago area real estate market, we will guide you through the closing process. Our team of professionals will work behind the scenes, helping to eliminate any obstacles that may pop up, ensuring the entire process is as smooth as possible.

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6. Renovate the property

Once you own the property, you'll need to repair or renovate it with your team of contractors or use our recommended reputable rehab teams. When rehabbing a property, we say that for every $40,000 in renovation budget for 60 days of renovation time. Also, we recommend that investors budget a 10-15% contingency for renovation costs.

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7. Exit strategy... Flip-it or Rent-it

With the renovations of your investment property completed you have couple of options. You can simply flip it... quickly reselling the property on the retail market. Or, you can rent it... retaining your property as an asset and renting to a tenant for continuous cash flow.

For a fix and flip, we will list your property on MLS at a significantly reduced rate to help you increase your profits. We want you to come back and buy more; it is all about a relationship.

For fix and rent, we have a leasing team that will help you identify the right tenant, and we will conduct credit, background, and tenant history checks. We even have a property management team that can help with day-to-day operations. Our investors think of our process as plug-and-play.

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