Quality Control Inspections

July 16, 2016 by Christian Chase

Many investors local and out of state have requested this service for their investment property. Having a quality control inspector visit property on a bi-weekly basis ensures that property is being maintained properly. We have an inspector we work with who has been quality controlling property for the past two years. He has an eye for detail and will report to you and your rehab Crewe any deficiencies and/or change in condition items. He will start visiting property as soon as you purchase, reporting bi-weekly via a pdf photos/notes document with any items that need to be addressed. (See Example QC Report Below)

  1. Order quality control inspector day of closing using Crewe on
  2. Inspector will send electronic contract and invoice through DotLoop. The cost is $300.00 for entire ownership of buy and sell property.
  3. Inspector will visit home bi-weekly and will upload to Dotloop and send via email pdf photos/notes report to you and your rehab Crewe.
  4. Items can easily be resolved without numerous phone calls, emails, and text messages.

Inspector will report on status of rehab and punchlist items required prior to listing. After home is listed, he will visit and report any change in condition items or new issues that will effect sale of investment.

Investors who actively visit property from purchase to sale do not need to utilize this service.

Click Here For Example QC Report


QC inspector is not a property manager. He is reporting bi-weekly the current condition of property. Keeping you informed to make decisions based on reported items.

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