Anatomy of a Deal


After closing you will have access to our approved rehab team, they can remodel your investment. Remember, they have already provided a rehab estimate. If you have your own crew or would like to use our recommended team that is your choice. They can complete some of all of the work needed on the property. The average rehab takes 15 days and costs $9,000.

The rehab team will organize and complete project to resale or rental standards.

  • Materials used are purchased from distributors not retail stores. Saving investors $1,000’s per project.
  • Use of standardized products. For example, Berber carpet for rentals and plush carpet for resale. Maple kitchen cabinets. Khaki paint for walls, white paint for trim and doors.
  • They have built strong relationships with licensed roofers, electricians, HVAC, and other service trades.

A few days prior to completion of remodeling, we ask that you complete a “punch list” for the rehab team. The rehab team is independent of Chase Real Estate so you will pay the directly. Typically, 50% to start and the other 50% when completed.