Investing System Videos – Chase Foreclosure – Naperville, IL

Investing System Videos

Chase Real Estate offers step-by-step instructions for real estate investors. Our proven system makes investing in real estate predictable and repeatable. Following our system ensures success with each investment property.

Intro to Foreclosure Investing

Finding Foreclosures – Part 1

Receiving The Hot List – Part 2

Financing Foreclosures – Part 3

Attorney & Title for Closing – Part 4

Investor Insurance – Part 5

Renovate Your Property – Part 6

Hiring Your QC Inspector – Part 7

Selling Your Investment – Part 8

Renting Your Investment – Part 9

2019 Renovation Model Home


Investor Reno Tips (10:39 MIN)

Investor Education Videos

Educated investors are the most successful investors! Chase Real Estate empowers our clients with the knowledge to prosper in the real estate investing arena.

Quality Control Inspections (6:01 MIN)

Investor Simple Deal Estimator (7:14 min)

Kitchen Remodel (4:12 min)

Chase Brand Story (1:27 min)

Cash-Out Refi Program (2:42 min)

Pre-Listing Home Inspection (7:40 min)

Pre-Listing Marketing (4:08 MIN)

Correct Musty Basement Smell (3:15 min)

Commercial Financing (6:12 min)

Landscape Tip (1:42 MIN)

Winterize Property (6:13 MIN)

FHA Ready (15:05 min)

Investor Insurance (3:01 min)

Speed Up Renovation (5:08 MIN)

Renovation Tip – Paint Cabinets (2:42 MIN)

Investor Tip – Counter-Depth Fridge (1:20 MIN)

Investor Tip – Quick Stage(1:58 MIN)

Appraisal – Hit The Number (3:19 MIN)

Make Roof Look New (2:00 MIN)

Investor Tip – Zillow Zestimate (9:53 MIN)

Chase Real Estate Interview


NCTV17 – Chase Real Estate (7:56 min)