Anatomy of a Deal

Property Analysis

After the bank presents our office with available foreclosures we then have twenty four hours to either accept or decline the purchase. During the analysis process we complete the following.

  • Complete a CMA (Certified Market Analysis) to establish resale or appraised value. (Example $140,000 Resale Value)
  • Visit property and complete an interior and exterior visual inspection.
  • Enter property data into our real estate market software. This tracks market prices, trends and absorption.
  • Contact our rehab team for an estimate of repairs. (Example $8,000 Rehab)
  • Discuss with our licensed leasing agent rental estimates for subject property. (Example $1,200)

Property Analysis Summary For 132 Skadoo, Naperville
Purchase at $100,000
Valued at $140,000
Rehab Estimate $8,000
Rental Estimate $1,200