Tax-Free Strategy For Real Estate Investors

July 1, 2015 by Christian Chase

Clients whoshutterstock_1810658 own investment real estate have a tax-free way to borrow money. Real estate is one of the best assets to borrow against. Investors use our commercial bankers to cash-out refinance property on a regular basis. Using your own funds tax-free is a great way to increase a real estate portfolio. I have been using this strategy for years, acquiring homes as a result of foreclosure then cash-out refinancing after the property is rented. Essentially, my initial cash is being used for all future purchases. The key to this process is TO BUY RIGHT!

Christian Chase

Christian Chase: Broker / Owner

Want to live the good life? We've got a system to take you there. Christian is a real estate investment broker/analyst at Chase Real Estate. Assisting investors locate foreclosed property for over 20 Years. 7000+ Closed Transactions.
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